Mens Health All Terrain Race 2011 Track Read

For all the riders who cannot do their own track reading, here are some of the shots we took last Tuesday.

Every track read starts at zero

From what we’ve seen, the trail will start here

First slope, you need some acceleration.

Wooden plank bridge, caution: DO NOT overtake here. Continue reading

Nuvali and Reverse Upak To Cardiac Newbie Ride

The ride was planned for almost three weeks. The flight date was set on June 30, 2010 to coincide with the inauguration of the new President of the Philippines P-Noy and Vice President Binay. It was Kay who initiated the ride since June 30 was declared a non-working day.

A total of 8 brave souls answered the call. There were three trail ride first timer in our group so we opted to conquer Nuvali trails since the trail there is not hard to maneuver. We also had planned, with the aid of Etong (our trail master of the day), to go to Matang Tubig. According to Etong, this is where the water source of Sta. Rosa is coming from.

The three newbies rented out their bikes from Sabak, a local bike shop located at Paseo de Sta. Rosa. The weather was good when we started the ride at past 8AM already. It was cloudy and gloomy.